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Healthy Home Starter Kit
Healthy Home Starter Kit

Healthy Home Starter Kit

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This Healthy Home Starter Kit has everything you need to clean your entire home! It includes our 16 oz tub of Gentle Scrub and one each of the 16 oz. bottles of Deep Clean, Multi-Purpose, Glass Cleaner and Wood Polish sprays. Who says cleaning has to be a chore?

Here are just a handful of uses for each product. (You can find a full list of uses and ingredients on each individual product page.)

Gentle Scrub:

*Sinks, Porcelain Fixtures, Tile, Shower Doors

Deep Clean:

*Cabinets, Sinks, Counter Tops (including stone), Porcelain Fixtures, Floors


*Wood Laminate, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Appliances, Counter Tops

Glass Cleaner: 

*Windows, Mirrors, Shower Doors, Removes Grease

Wood Polish: 

*Wood Furniture, Leather and Faux Leather Surfaces, Leather Car Interiors


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