Nature's Magic cleaning products are the truly natural alternative for keeping your home and business clean. made in small batches from scratch, our products are clearly labeled and safe for all of mama earth's inhabitants. 


at Nature's Magic:

  • We make powerful plant-based, non-toxic cleaning products. This way you can safely sanitize your home and office without harm to the Earth, or the people and critters living on it. 
  • We offer a holistic alternative to conventional cleaners. Each product is handmade with love and care.
  • We believe in transparency. We not only use the highest quality ingredients you can trust, they are also listed on every label. 
  • Our Ohio-made household cleaners keep families safe from unnecessary chemicals. Kids love to clean with them because of their invigorating aromas, and parents feel content knowing their children are able to help out without the use of harmful toxins. Win-win!
  • We help to eliminate chemical pollution in our region by using ingredients found in nature, recyclable packaging, and as few fossil fuels as possible. 
  • Our products are biodegradable, and cruelty-free. 
  • We appreciate our customers very much! Thank you!
  • We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful businesses in our region supporting small conscientious businesses such as ours. Click here for a list of our current market partners. 

What are folks saying about Nature's Magic cleaning products?

I recently moved and brought my bottle of Nature’s Magic Deep Clean to my new house. Some of the walls needed a good scrubbing, so I got to work with Deep Clean and a scrubbing sponge. Wow! It worked so well on all the stains and made the job easier. And it smells so good!  No noxious chemical odors that you get with other cleaners, and no toxic chemicals introduced into my home. I ran out recently and will be mail ordering more!  

 -Michelle Greenfield/CEO at Third Sun Solar, Carbondale, CO


I had a customer come into Organic Bliss today who told me she loves all the cleaners! She said these were the only cleaners, in her sixty-eight years, that did not make her cough. She said they cleaned wonderfully, and like everyone, said she loves the way they smell!!

 -Pam Lawrence/Owner at Organic Bliss, Toledo, OH


I love Nature’s Magic! I definitely prefer them over the natural commercial brands. I brought extra when we moved to Boulder, CO and when I run out I will make my husband bring me more on his work trips. Nature’s Magic not only works great and smells good, but I'm comfortable with my four year old helping me clean! 

- Nicole Wildes, Boulder, CO


I buy Nature’s Magic products often. It is the only thing I clean with. My floor grout in the kitchen used to be dark grey. Now it's light beige, thanks to Nature's Magic Deep Clean!

- Jean Mikhail, Athens, OH