From An Idea To A Bottle

When we first started our cleaning business, we were dedicated to using the most sustainable products possible. We wanted something that was completely biodegradable, contained no phosphates, surfactants, or other environmentally harmful materials. For our critter friends, we didn't want anything that was tested on animals, or contained any products derived from animals. With no other clear options, we began testing out recipes to create our own cleaning products that were based on truly natural ingredients, yet left the space smelling fresh and inviting. After many trials, sifting through bottles of essential oils, researching antiseptic properties from plant based products, and stirring up countless recipes, we created what we felt was the perfect balance. Our homes were sparkling clean and smelled as crisp and serene as the hills surrounding us. The true test was to bring the new Nature's Magic to our cleaning clients. The emails and phone calls that followed were a clear sign that it worked! Soon people were asking if they could purchase our products to use in between our cleaning appointments. Word spread around the local community, and Nature's Magic cleaning products were born.

Surfactant vs A Shake

Take a look at the label on the "green" products from the big corporations. See that word surfactant? Surfactants are added to products simply to keep the oils mixed with the liquids. Most surfactants are petroleum based, and all of them involve unnecessary processing. At Nature's Magic, "unnecessary" means waste, and we don't like waste. Separation of products is normal, just give them a little shake before use.

Sustainability to go Around

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just inside the bottle. We have, and will continue to use recyclable packaging, and reuse whenever possible. We cannot provide the low prices that big corporations can, but what we can provide is so much more meaningful. Rest easy knowing that your purchase does not contribute to a major corporation, but to a small business. As Nature's Magic grows, we commit to pay any employees an honest, living wage.

The Perfect Balance of Is and Isn't

An Ohio based, woman-owned, small business, Nature's Magic is also the way we live. Empowering you to create a healthy, simple, non-toxic living environment that you, your family, and pets deserve. Take ownership of your home by deciding what goes into it, and what doesn't!

 Danielle Young - Owner/Founder

Danielle Young - Owner/Founder